Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently asked of us. If you have any other questions, please contact the Manager, Sue Delahunt, by telephone (04) 380 0294 or email


Administrations – Admissions

1. I think my elderly relative/friend needs to move into a rest home. How do I organise this?

Specialised services are available to assess the needs of older people who are considering a move into a rest home. In Wellington, the Capital & Coast DHB has a service called the Care Co-ordination Centre (ph. 04 238 2020). You can either phone the centre direct or, preferably, ask your relative/friend’s doctor to refer them for assessment. The assessment will determine their eligibility for residential care or, possibly, extra support services that enable them to remain in their home.

For more information, check out “Find A Rest Home” @

2. How do I know what sort of care my relative needs?

The assessment carried out by the Care Coordination Centre will identify the level and type of care required.

3. Who pays for residential care?

Once it has been established that you need residential care you can apply for a financial means assessment. Your assets and income will be used to determine whether you qualify for a government Residential Care Subsidy. Full details are available from the Work and Income Residential Care Subsidy Unit (0800 999 727).

Even if you do qualify for a subsidy you will still need to contribute towards the cost of your care from any income you receive including a benefit or your superannuation.

4. If my superannuation goes towards the cost of my care do I have any spending money?

Yes, you will receive a weekly personal allowance and an annual clothing allowance.

5. If I do not qualify for a subsidy how much will my care cost?

The maximum amount you will have to pay is set annually by the Ministry of Health. As Vincentian is a charitable organisation, there are no extra charges to our services.

For more information, please check out the Ministry of Health Residential Care Subsidies page by clicking on the link below

6. I need a holiday. Can you look after my relative while I am away?

We do occasionally have beds available for respite care while you take a break. If you call us on (04) 380 0294 we can tell you if we have one available.


7. What happens if my relative is living in the rest home but becomes sick and needs hospital care?

Vincentian is licensed to provide rest home and hospital level care. All that would be involved is an assessor visiting from the Care Coordination Centre and approving the need for hospital level care. Refer Q3 for assessment information.

8. How many registered nurses do you have on duty each day?

We have a Clinical Manager and a Registered Nurse on every morning shift and we have an experienced Registered Nurse on the afternoon and evening shifts. The Manager is also a Registered Nurse.

9. Are most of your staff permanent or do you have to hire from agencies?

The Vincentian has a full roster of permanent staff but there are times when agency staff are required. We hire from only one agency and the caregivers and nurses are regulars and familiar to the Vincentian. The majority of staff have been with us for longer than two years and 13 staff have been here for 10 years or longer.

10. Which doctor will look after me in the Home?

We have a contracted GP who visits weekly and is on call 24 hours. Dr Helen Rodenberg is part of the Island Bay Medical Centre which is 5 minutes’ drive from Vincentian. If you wish to continue using your current doctor you will need to arrange this with their practice. Their visits will attract a fee which you will be responsible for.


11. Can my relative have breakfast in bed if that is what they want?

Most of the residents are served breakfast in bed. However, both rest home and hospital dining rooms are open if you prefer to have breakfast at the table.

12. What time are the meals served?

Breakfast is served between 7.30 and 8.30am. Morning Tea is at 10am. The main meal of the day is lunch at 12 midday and this is served in the main dining room and conservatory. Those residents requiring help with their meals are served a little earlier. Afternoon Tea is at 3pm. The evening meal is served at 5pm and supper at 7pm.

13. Am I allowed to drink alcohol?

You are most welcome to have a pre-dinner drink or a glass of wine with your meal if you wish however this is not supplied by the facility. Alcohol is served at Happy Hour every Friday afternoon and relatives and friends are always welcome.

14. Can my family or friends join me sometimes for morning/afternoon tea or midday meals?

Your family and friends are more than welcome to join you for morning/afternoon tea. They may also join you for a midday meal as long as this is arranged a few days beforehand with the Kitchen Staff. There is a small cost of $5 charged for this meal.


15. What personal belongings may I bring?

You are encouraged to bring your favourite chair, a television set, personal family photos and favourite ornaments, and other items that will make you feel right at home. Almost anything is acceptable provided it can fit in to your room and does not pose a safety risk.

16. Can I have Sky TV?

Yes, the facility is wired to receive Sky TV in each room. You will need to arrange this directly with Sky TV at your own cost.

17. Can I have my own phone?

Yes, this should be organised by yourself or your relative through Spark and will need to be paid for by yourself. There are phones available throughout the facility for public use.

18. What are the visiting hours?

There are no set visiting hours. Your family and friends are free to call in whenever they wish.