About Us

Vincentian Home and Hospital is a registered charity owned by the Wellington Catholic Homes Trust and offers quality care services for the aged irrespective of race, religion, status or circumstance.

We are often asked about our history so if you're interested read on.

The Wellington Catholic Homes Trust was initially formed by members of St Vincent de Paul Wellington District, the members known as Vincentians.

The main objective was to promote, stimulate and encourage public interest in the aged. In addition they were tasked with the provision of care, welfare and housing for the aged in a Christian manner. The name Vincentian is a direct reflection of those who established the Home.

The St Vincent de Paul Society has the right to appoint its Wellington President and three other St Vincent de Paul nominees to the Board of the Wellington Catholic Homes Trust so a close association is assured.

Vincentian Rest Home Home was built by the Wellington Catholic Homes Trust in 1977 on land leased from the Catholic Archbishop of Wellington. The purpose built rest home was dedicated to single room occupancy at a time when four or six bed per room accommodation was the norm. It was, and still is, owned and operated by the Trust.  


extension wing

In 2002 the land and church of St Joachims at the entrance to the Home, was purchased and St Joachims became the Home's local church. Additional land was acquired in 2004 to enable the building of a new wing extension, including hospital accommodation, making continuing hospital care available. This now means that should a change of health occur to any rest home resident, and hospital level care is required, the provision of such care is seamless. Since that time various refurbishing steps have been undertaken including the introduction of several bed-sit and conservatory rooms.







Statement of Values

Vincentian is owned by the Wellington Catholic Homes Trust and operated by Vincentian Home for the Elderly Berhampore Ltd providing care services for elderly people expressive of Christian principles. In terms of Gospel values we recognise:

  • Each resident as a unique individual
  • Each person’s right to privacy and dignity
  • Each person’s right to achieve maximum independence and self determination
  • Each person’s right to safety in all aspects of life
  • The skills, experience and compassion of those who provide the care and services